NerdAtlas Holiday Buy-Guide 2015: Otaku Edition

With the passing of Halloween, so begins the time of year when everyone hunts for the perfect gifts for their loved ones. NerdAtlas is here to help nerds and those who love nerds find the right present, no matter the sub-genre!

This week’s buy guide focuses on gifts for Japanese pop culture lovers and nerds. Since many of these suggestions rely on picking a favorite series/character, do some sleuthing and find out your otaku’s favorites and then get to work with these options:

Gundam Wing-Suit Models

For the nerd who loves to build – these models are rated in difficulty from high grade to perfect grade, based on intricacy. Find out your nerd’s favorite wing suit and get them the whole kit and whatever modeling accessories they may need (paint, x-acto knives, etc.)

Price ranges from $25-400:

Electric Takoyaki Maker

For Japanese food and cooking buffs, this appliance is a fun and easy way to make the famous Takoyaki. These sweet pancake pastry puffs are not only delicious, but relatively simple to make.

Prices range from $25-75:

Kotobukiya Collectable Figures

Kotobukiya is a company famous for its art design and craftsmanship in collectable figures – you can find a host of Japanese and even American pop culture figures, rendered in very detailed statues and articulated figures. Perfect for any collector or uberfan.

Price varies:

Studio Ghibli Music Box

Hayao Miyazaki’s movie studio is responsible for the creation of countless iconic characters in the world of animated cinema. If your otaku loves movies like Spirited Away and Princess Mononoke, these music boxes make excellent and charming keepsakes.

$46.60 (shipping not included):

Super Kawaii Plushies

Everyone wishes they could cuddle up with their favorite characters from their anime/manga of choice. One of the best online anime/manga swag retailers, RightStuf, offers an extensive catalog of adorable plushies and plush backpacks for really great prices. Plus, you get free shipping in the US with a purchase of $49+.


Crunchy Roll Subscription

This paid online streaming service is the Netflix of anime. Get a subscription and give your Japanophile the gift of endless hours of television marathons. Goes well with some pocky. The all access membership also includes unlimited manga from many of the biggest publishers – a GREAT deal.

$6.95 per month/11.95 per month based on plan:

Happy buying!

– E.B.


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