Wednesday Cosplay – What if BioShock’s Elizabeth was Her Own Hero?

This week’s featured post is Angela Bermudez’s awesome Skydiver Liz (Elizabeth from BioShock Infinite) cosplay.

Yes, I know I have previously featured Angela’s Mass Effect and Iron Man 3 cosplays… but this woman is so talented and photogenic, how can I not feature her? This look is amazing – I like the idea of redesigning Elizabeth’s outfit based on what Elizabeth would look like if she was the main protagonist instead of Booker DeWitt. This outfit is much more practical than that corset/dress combo, just sayin’.

Angela describes the look as an Indiana Jones/Amelia Earhart hybrid. I love the touches of the classic Americana fashion in the cut and stylization of the fabric tailoring. The subtle redesign of the bird necklace from the original game outfit is a nice touch too.

Another great cosplay from one of the most talented members in the community – I need to stop being such a fawning fan girl, but come on! Can you blame me?

– E.B.


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