Wednesday Cosplay – The Bride

This week’s featured cosplay is Issse‘s The Bride from Kill Bill.

The uncanny resemblance between Issse and Uma Thurman in the photo above is what initially caught my eye. There are many Beatrix Kiddo (aka “The Bride”) cosplays from Tarantino’s famous Kill Bill movies, but most are half-baked attempts. It’s hard to make a custom yellow motorcycle track suit, let alone look good in it (We all can’t be Uma.)

However, I think Issse did a great job with her ensemble. The outfit color and design is a spot-on match to the movie – even her hair is the appropriate length and cut for the famous House of Blue Leaves fight scene.

Compared to other popular cosplay characters, this is a relatively simple cosplay. However, it is executed very professionally – as I said before it’s probably one of the best Kill Bill cosplays I have seen. Issse is an accomplished cosplayer, with a larger number of great characters in her gallery that are worth a look.

– E.B.


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