Featured Art(ist) – Dave Dorman

This week’s featured art(ist) is Dave Dorman.

Famous for his illustration work, particularly concerning the Star Wars franchise, Dorman is a professional who’s work any bonafide nerd is sure to recognize. He has done a number of book covers for the Star Wars Expanded Universe, including the covers for one of my favorite (and most influential) Star Wars book series, the Young Jedi Knights.

However, he is by no means only a Star Wars artist. He has done illustration work for Marvel, Batman, Magic: The Gathering and his personal project, The Wasted Lands (see above). There’s a fun retro vibe in his artwork due to his killer oil-painting techniques. This guy designs it old school.

He has a great portfolio that’s worth looking at – you’ll be surprised what images you might recognize!

– E.B.


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