NerdAtlas Holiday Buy-Guide: Medieval Maniacs

Popular franchises like Game of Thrones and The Lord of the Rings subscribe to “high fantasy” type environments. These settings are often heavily dependent on Western European medieval history and aesthetics. However, any legitimate medieval history nerd can tell you there are a lot of inaccuracies and liberties taken in these scenarios (which makes sense, since it is fantasy.)

Anyways, I decided to make a special list of Christmas ideas for the medieval buff that doesn’t just lump in high fantasy hoop-de-walla. This is the buy list for that person who actually can tell you the lineage of the Kings & Queens of England and know the difference between a broadsword and a claymore…

Medieval Chess Set

Easily one of the most popular games in medieval times, this hand painted set features carved polystone and a walnut playing board. Perfect for any aspiring master tactician.

$160 and includes free shipping:

The Book of Chivalry of Geoffroi De Charny

Don’t let the lackluster cover fool you. If you have a wannabe knight in your midst, this is the seminal work from the time period outlining the most important of a knight’s virtues: chivalry.


 Knitted Knight’s Helm
This knitted helmet will keep your head and face warm in the winter – no promises about protection from errant blades however.
LEGO King’s Castle
While perhaps not the most historically accurate depiction of medieval life/warfare, the LEGO Castle series offers some fun sets. This King’s Castle is one of the best, perfect for lords and ladies both young and old.

Functional Armor

These armor sets can be bought piece by piece or in a full collection. Each article of equipment is functional, thus intended to be worn and, theoretically, used in fighting. Great for theater, faires, cosplay, etc.

Price varies:

Coat of Arms

If the special medieval nerd in your life has ancestry of European decent, you can purchase a print of his/her coat of arms. Orders can also include a brief synopsis of the family history and there’s the option to order it in a variety of styles.

Price varies:

Happy shopping!

– E.B.


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