Wednesday Cosplay – Lady Two Face

This week’s featured cosplay stars Meagan Marie and her Lady Two Face ensemble!

Meagan Marie is a professional cosplayer and community manager, not mention she’s pretty dang famous on the internet. I’ve featured her Wonder Woman cosplay before but I figure it has been a while, so I can feature her again! I know, such a fangirl…

Anyways, this is one of the more make-up heavy cosplays I’ve featured. The knack with doing any good Two-Face cosplay lies in the make-up and a stark contrast in design. Meagan Marie has this great, crisp line of contrast across her whole ensemble, which lends itself well to the animated series’ character design.

The make-up was done by San Diego make-up artist Hydred Makabali – and wow. That mouth looks painful, terrifying and about as real as a acid burned comic character can get.

I also love the suit in this cosplay. The design is well tailored and the contrasting black and white symmetry looks marvelous. In the small details of the button colors and pocket scarf play into the duality.

What can I say, Meagan Marie is one of the best!

– E.B.


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