NerdAtlas Buy-Guide: Last Minute Finds

So, it’s happened to you. Christmas is next week and you have yet to do any of your Christmas shopping. Well, thanks to a little thing called Amazon, here’s a list of nerdy items that will arrive at your door in time for the holidays!

For The Gamer Nerd: Logitech G502 Proteus Core Gaming Mouse

This is the perfect mouse for any serious PC gamer. It’s fully customizable and fairly affordable!


For The Internet Junkie: Grumpy Cat Plush

Everyone’s favorite meme cat, to have and to hold and to scare you late at night.


For The Otaku: A Geek in Japan

Hector Garcia’s book is perfect for Japanophiles of any type – covering everything from the nation’s popular culture to tradition and history. A great pick for any otaku.


For The Creative Nerd: Ball of Whacks

This “ball” is comprised of 30 magnetic pyramid shaped pieces that act as building blocks. This quirky toy comes in several different designs and is perfect for fiddling with at the office or in class.


For the Cold Nerd: “Grown Up” Snuggies

From Harry Potter house robes to Batman, Amazon offers a long list of adult sized snuggies for nerds of any type. Not only are they comfortable, but they are sure to guarantee a good laugh.

$20.00 – $30.00

Good luck out there!

– E.B.