Wednesday Cosplay – Oberyn Martell

This week’s featured cosplay isĀ Amir (aka Mr. Blueberry) as Oberyn Martell from Game of Thrones.

Oberyn Martell by Mr--Blueberry

Oberyn is one of my favorite characters in the Game of Thrones series. A serious womanizer (well, realistically, a everyone-izer) and deft combatant, there’s a fierceness to the man known as “The Red Viper.” In the television show, Oberyn’s clothing is very different from the majority of the others at King’s Landing. Amir did a great job capturing this character’s flair in his cosplay design.

Also, let’s talk about that spear. Dang, that weapon is gorgeous. It looks just like the television show’s design and Amir wields it like a total boss.

Another quality find from the Game of Thrones universe. Seriously, this fandom has some of the BEST cosplayers.

– E.B.


Wednesday Cosplay – Lady Two Face

This week’s featured cosplay stars Meagan Marie and her Lady Two Face ensemble!

Meagan Marie is a professional cosplayer and community manager, not mention she’s pretty dang famous on the internet. I’ve featured her Wonder Woman cosplay before but I figure it has been a while, so I can feature her again! I know, such a fangirl…

Anyways, this is one of the more make-up heavy cosplays I’ve featured. The knack with doing any good Two-Face cosplay lies in the make-up and a stark contrast in design. Meagan Marie has this great, crisp line of contrast across her whole ensemble, which lends itself well to the animated series’ character design.

The make-up was done by San Diego make-up artist Hydred Makabali – and wow. That mouth looks painful, terrifying and about as real as a acid burned comic character can get.

I also love the suit in this cosplay. The design is well tailored and the contrasting black and white symmetry looks marvelous. In the small details of the button colors and pocket scarf play into the duality.

What can I say, Meagan Marie is one of the best!

– E.B.

Wednesday Cosplay – Sachie’s Vlog

One of Geek and Sundry’s featured vloggers, Sachie, runs an excellent series that helps out both new and seasoned cosplayers. She features great cosplays constructions of her own and step-by-step guides for creating things like armor, weapons, etc.

For example, here’s her most recent video, a Worbla (a thin plastic-like material) armor tutorial:

What I like about Sachie’s videos is that they are short, concise and cover a whole host of subjects pertaining to cosplaying. Her vlog provides great advice on working in the cosplay community as well as how to make very cool stuff. I really recommend you check out her content if you are even remotely interested in cosplay!

Here’s one of my favorite videos:

– E.B.

Wednesday Cosplay – The Bride

This week’s featured cosplay is Issse‘s The Bride from Kill Bill.

The uncanny resemblance between Issse and Uma Thurman in the photo above is what initially caught my eye. There are many Beatrix Kiddo (aka “The Bride”) cosplays from Tarantino’s famous Kill Bill movies, but most are half-baked attempts. It’s hard to make a custom yellow motorcycle track suit, let alone look good in it (We all can’t be Uma.)

However, I think Issse did a great job with her ensemble. The outfit color and design is a spot-on match to the movie – even her hair is the appropriate length and cut for the famous House of Blue Leaves fight scene.

Compared to other popular cosplay characters, this is a relatively simple cosplay. However, it is executed very professionally – as I said before it’s probably one of the best Kill Bill cosplays I have seen. Issse is an accomplished cosplayer, with a larger number of great characters in her gallery that are worth a look.

– E.B.

Wednesday Cosplay – What if BioShock’s Elizabeth was Her Own Hero?

This week’s featured post is Angela Bermudez’s awesome Skydiver Liz (Elizabeth from BioShock Infinite) cosplay.

Yes, I know I have previously featured Angela’s Mass Effect and Iron Man 3 cosplays… but this woman is so talented and photogenic, how can I not feature her? This look is amazing – I like the idea of redesigning Elizabeth’s outfit based on what Elizabeth would look like if she was the main protagonist instead of Booker DeWitt. This outfit is much more practical than that corset/dress combo, just sayin’.

Angela describes the look as an Indiana Jones/Amelia Earhart hybrid. I love the touches of the classic Americana fashion in the cut and stylization of the fabric tailoring. The subtle redesign of the bird necklace from the original game outfit is a nice touch too.

Another great cosplay from one of the most talented members in the community – I need to stop being such a fawning fan girl, but come on! Can you blame me?

– E.B.

Wednesday Cosplay – DBZ Family Fun

This week’s featured cosplay is Thomas Jefferson Hernandez‘s Goku (and family!) cosplay.

The thing I like best about these cosplay scenarios, is that the whole family is included in the fun. The varying ages don’t matter in this scenario – all that matters is everyone brings attitude and costume to match. I’m all about this – in a hobby where people can get extremely hardcore about having to match every specification of a character’s appearance, it’s nice and refreshing to see quality cosplay that still looks like fun!

– E.B.

Wednesday Cosplay – The Cosplay Friendly Batgirl

This week’s featured cosplay article is a little different. I wanted to take a moment to talk about an interesting occurrence in the world where comic design and fandom meet. Several months ago, Cameron Stewart and Brenden Fletcher were announced as the new creative team for DC Comic’s Batgirl.

Shortly thereafter, the new Batgirl redesign was released on the internet. You can take a look:

This redesign is reminds me of the imagining of Wonder Woman’s iconic look from a while back. As the comics industry expands it reach across pop culture, there has been a trend to make super heros’ costumes more relevant to a contemporary audience. The re-vamped Batgirl is in a leather jacket, with snap on gloves and yellow Doc Martens – all things you could conceivably buy at a mall.

This trend is GREAT news for cosplayers everywhere – gone are the days of having to sew spandex and go commando for the sake of the cosplay. As Nerd Minds Magazine so eloquently points out, this new Batgirl design is ideal for cosplayers:

Already, people have been seen in the new Batgirl duds – like the internet famous Batgirl of Burnside:

I doubt creative teams are going to design their caped crusaders’ costumes specifically with cosplay in mind… but the popularity of these “modern” takes will certainly provide more opportunity for all the wannabe heroes out there.

– E.B.