NerdAtlas Discontinued (For Now)

Well my lovely readers!

It’s been a fun 3 years, but I am retiring NerdAtlas for the time being. This was a blog primarily built on the idea of having fun, but due to some extenuating circumstances I have decided to shut it down.

That being said, my Tumblr followers should keep an eye out for a new fun project I’m getting involved with on Tumblr.

Thanks for reading.

– E.B.


So WordPress is Deleting my posts…

Sorry for the lack of posts in the past two/three days. Apparently all of the drafts I had queued and ready for publishing magically disappeared of WordPress.

I’ll try to re-write what I’ve missed, but let’s hope the schedule can resume as normal.

Pah, technology.

Workouts for Nerds

There is an ever persistent, and unfortunately somewhat true, stereotype that the majority of the nerd community is overweight. However, there is a new and growing trend to craft work outs that are nerd friendly – in a community that lacks judgement on physical appearance from the get go.

Nerd Fitness, founded by Steven Lamb, is a online community that uses videos, “leveling up points”, Google Chat, dietary menus and more to empower people to get in shape and be healthy. It’s a cool program and the administrators who offer advice are very knowledgeable and kind. Even better, you get access to the community for just a single one-time payment, unlike the majority of fitness services that require a subscription membership.

Wall Street Journal recently posted an article featuring another Nerd Fitness buff, Jason Heilpern, who is looking at opening Geek and Gamer gyms in both Portland and Seattle in the coming year. There are nerdy gyms popping up all over the West Coast.

It makes sense that nerds are seeking places to work out and get healthy that are separate from regular gyms. Many nerds have experienced gym-related traumas in school and that can result in residual issues/confidence issues. Having a supportive community is a great way to motivate someone to seek better health!

– E.B.

Cosplay Wednesday – As Seen at GenCon

Conventions are the gathering place for many a cosplayer, no matter the genre. While walking around the show floor, I took pictures of many of my favorites. From amateur ninjas to professionally crafted BioShock characters – you could find a whole range at GenCon this year.

Personally, I most enjoyed a group of friends who came as the entire Red Team from Valve’s Team Fortress 2. Below is my gallery stream of some pictures I managed to nab with the trusty iPhone while at the Con. Enjoy!

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Best Shirts of GenCon 2014

At conventions, t-shirts are common fare. Catering to the attendee demographics, most are sassy, nerdy more witty rather than aesthetically pleasing. However, there are rare nuggets of gold – apparel that appeals to the eye and mind.

NerdAtlas’ choice for the best shirt of GenCon belongs to a line produced by JBM Press.

JBM Press has an entire line of Dungeons and Dragons-esque role playing shirts featuring slick graphics and witty damage rolls. The shirts design’s silhouetted fantasy art looks great, and the addition of dice values to the attacks won over many a heart. I saw dozens of people wearing these shirts throughout the con, and I know everyone I was there with bought a shirt for themselves.
They have numerous designs, from kobolds to halfling rogues. If you’ve ever played a pen and paper RPG, then you can most certainly find a character that represents you.
Not all of the options are available on the website, however the store owner told me they plan to have everything up by September 1st. Be sure to check them out.
– E.B.