T-Shirt Tuesday – Star Wars Sweater Madness

The Shirt: Happy holidays from Hoth ye fledgling padawans!

Payment: Sold by Redbubble, who accepts all major credit cards.

Styles: Available in adult sizes S-XL.


NerdAtlas Buy-Guide: Last Minute Finds

So, it’s happened to you. Christmas is next week and you have yet to do any of your Christmas shopping. Well, thanks to a little thing called Amazon, here’s a list of nerdy items that will arrive at your door in time for the holidays!

For The Gamer Nerd: Logitech G502 Proteus Core Gaming Mouse

This is the perfect mouse for any serious PC gamer. It’s fully customizable and fairly affordable!


For The Internet Junkie: Grumpy Cat Plush

Everyone’s favorite meme cat, to have and to hold and to scare you late at night.


For The Otaku: A Geek in Japan

Hector Garcia’s book is perfect for Japanophiles of any type – covering everything from the nation’s popular culture to tradition and history. A great pick for any otaku.


For The Creative Nerd: Ball of Whacks

This “ball” is comprised of 30 magnetic pyramid shaped pieces that act as building blocks. This quirky toy comes in several different designs and is perfect for fiddling with at the office or in class.


For the Cold Nerd: “Grown Up” Snuggies

From Harry Potter house robes to Batman, Amazon offers a long list of adult sized snuggies for nerds of any type. Not only are they comfortable, but they are sure to guarantee a good laugh.

$20.00 – $30.00

Good luck out there!

– E.B.

NerdAtlas Holiday Buy-Guide: Table Top Gaming

Board games are a ton of fun, providing unplugged entertainment for any age or demographic. They are particularly wonderful around the holidays, serving as great bonding time with the family that doesn’t require awkward small talk.

I have linked all of the games to their Amazon link, and the prices is the original cost without discounts. Amazon has a lot of sales going on right now, so you can pick up some of these titles for as much as 50% off!

For two players: Android Netrunner: The Card Game

This is a “living card game” that allows you to buy cards and construct decks to face off against your opponent. By playing as the hacker “runner” or the “corp” defender, two use card powers and resources to score seven points the fastest. It’s complex, meaty and a good challenge to sink your teeth into. Start out by purchasing a Core Box set to have everything you need to play!

$40 – http://tinyurl.com/pnkn2sd

For three players: Suburbia

This is a tile placement and resource management game. Buy your buildings and services, harvest your resources and exercise your inner city planner. The game has serious depth, but it’s fairly straightforward to learn.


For four players: Ascension

This is one of my favorite deck building card games. Filled with fantasy flavor, you purchase your heroes and constructs and create vicious combinations to steal the victory. Any Ascension box set can be played as a standalone game – my recommendation is the Realms Unraveled edition.


For five players: Dixit

This is a game of storytelling and wagers. Players guess what image the “storyteller” placed in an anonymous lineup and score points based on the most popular answers. Simple, beautiful and a ton of fun to play with people you know well.


For six players:  Shadows Over Camelot

As the loyal knights of King Arthur’s Round Table, complete quests and fight off Picts/Saxons to win the war over evil. Careful though, as one amongst you might be a traitor who can usurp the entire party. A great blend of social deception, co-op and tactics.


More than six: Coup

This is a game of social deception and elimination at its finest. Everyone has two identities, permitting them special powers. By deceiving others, stealing money, committing coups and catching others in their lies, players lose their identities. The last player left with a living persona wins. Fast paced and very very fun. One of my all time favorites.


For non-gamers: Quirkle

Match either six of a color or six of a shape to score a Quirkle! Create combinations to rack up as many points as possible. Essentially a visual variation of Scrabble, this game is easy to learn and quick to play. There’s also great potential to get competitive over placing tiles and upsetting someone’s best laid plans  – perfect for family time!


Happy shopping and gaming!

– E.B.

Holiday Gift Guide Vol. 8 – Last Minute Ideas

So, it’s happened. You  spent weeks preparing for the impending holidays and you realize that you have forgotten a gift for that one friend or that cousin who unexpectedly decided to come for Christmas dinner after all.

Never fear, NerdAtlas is here with some great ideas for last minute buys for nerds – no last minute iTunes giftcards here. All of these items are available in physical brick & mortar stores, or are direct digital purchases for your convenience needs!

Playstation Plus Membership – Applicable for PS3, PS4 and the Vita

These memberships are for sale at any Best Buy, Target or Walmart. A yearlong membership subscribes you to the PSN media network and provides access to lots of free and discounted games – a super wonderful value.

Saga, Vol. 1 – Best Comic of 2013

If your friend/loved one is into reading comics, Saga is a great choice. Sold at your local Barnes and Noble, this series has been acclaimed as some of the best of 2013.

Star Trek Catan – Fabulous Variation on Catan

For sale in both Barnes and Noble and Target, this variation on Settlers of Catan is a lot of fun for Trekkies, Sci-Fi nerds and Catan addicts alike.

T.A.R.D.I.S. – Whovian Swag

Surprisingly enough, your local Hot Topic has a tremendous amount of Doctor Who swag in stock right now. From beanies, to t-shirts, to plushies and more you can get any Whovian something special.

Audible Subscription – For Readers and Commuters

Audible is Amazon’s audiobook service – each month you receive a credit which you use to redeem an audiobook. If you know someone who drives long commutes, works out regularly or just loves audiobooks, this is a great gift.

Steam Winter Sale – PC and Mac gamers

For those who may not know, Steam is the best PC gaming service available online. The Steam Winter Sale offers steep discounts (from 33%-80%) on many popular, even recent video game releases. You can either send someone credit to purchase a game themselves or buy a game and send it directly to their email/account.

Good luck and happy shopping!

– E.B.

Holiday Gift Guide Vol. 5: Tabletop Gamers

This week’s holiday shopping guide: Tabletop Gamers

From the people who spend all of their time dice rolling, to those that take their property taxes a little too seriously in Monopoly, almost every family or friend group has someone delighted by boardgames. Here’s a list of some classic and some new board games that will make excellent gifts.

For the Fantasy Lover:

Small World – Amazon

Play as a slew of mythical races with magical powers and fight the other civilizations for supremacy. Get bored of your race? Retire and pick a whole new one! With three expansions this Small World can get a bit crowded.

Difficulty- 2 out of 5

For the War Geek:

Memoir ’44 – Amazon

Play through WWII battle scenarios that mimic the historical terrain, troop placements and objectives of each army. Deploy your troops and try to claim ultimate victory. It’s like a more intricate variation of Chess (for older players).

Difficulty- 3.5 out of 5

For the Family that ONLY Plays Apples to Apples:

Dixit – Amazon

The best way to describe this visually beautiful game is that Dixit is Apples to Apples but with images. One of my favorite games and a great gateway table top game.

Difficulty – 1 out of 5

For the Strategist

Alhambra – Amazon

Players acquire buildings for their grand Alhambra complex through a complicated currency and exchange system, with the most efficient players finding success. The most marvelous Alhambra will be declared the winner at the end.

Difficulty – 3.5 out of 5

For the Story Junkie

Fiasco – Bullypulpit Games Store

This is a game that only works with players willing to do a little bit of roleplaying/acting. With the right group, Fiasco will prove to be one of the most enjoyable game experiences you have.

Difficulty – 2 out 5 (unless you hate playing pretend!)

For Someone Who Values Simplicity

Tsuro – Amazon

Guide the magical dragons through the skies by lying down tiles to guide their path. Fall off the path or crash into another dragon and you lose. Games last a maximum of fifteen minutes.

Difficulty – 1 out of 5

For Great Co-Operative Play

Pandemic – Amazon

Four horrific deadly diseases have been unleashed on the world and it’s up to you to save the populations of the world. As a team, find the cure and alleviate the outbreaks. It’s the players versus the board and Pandemic is often a cruel mistress.

Difficulty – 2 out of 5 (to learn) and 4 out of 5 (to win)

For the Horror Fan

Arkham Horror – Amazon

Arkham Horror is inspired by H.P. Lovecraft lore and proves to be one of the most complicated games I have ever played. A single session will last a minimum of four hours, so brace yourself for the long haul with this one. Play through various scenarios where you must collect items, elder signs and other tributes in order to stave off the awakening of some nasty Old Ones.

Difficulty – 5 out of 5

Good luck and happy shopping!

*As a note, almost all of these games feature expanded editions or seperate expansion packs.

– E.B.