Webcomic Wednesdays – Strays

This week’s featured webcomic is Strays by Samantha Whitten (owner of previously featured GaMERCaT webcomic) and Stacey Pefferkorn.

What’s the Deal?: Strays is a fantasy, action/adventure webcomic that takes place in a world where mythical animals are real and humanoid races are common (example: Lupians, people who can shape-shift into wolves). The story follows a young Lupian girl named Meela and a mute mercenary named Feral as they try to make it in a cruel world.

The Characters: Meela is quite possibly one of the most adorable main characters I’ve ever read. She casts a good balance between annoying and endearing, which is appropriate given her age and circumstances. Feral, her mute counterpart, is mysterious but relatable and the writers do a good job of developing his character without any dialogue on his part.

Overall, the characters I have met thus far have been extremely likable- there’s a good cast of supporting characters and antagonists surrounding the two main characters.

The Art: This is definitely one of the most charming and beautiful comics I’ve read online. It’s done in full color, with fluid action and some really appealing combat. I binge read the entire thing in one night, it was so beautiful and engrossing.

Safe for Work?: Yep. 

Frequency of Updates: Every Friday.

– E.B.